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Laser Wheel


A quick and easy Wheel Alignment test

at Alltyres could save you £’s

Our modern Wheel Alignment facility is one of the best to

be found locally

Our dedicated Alignment facility uses the John Bean Alignment system a world leader in Wheel Alignment equipment. Your car's wheel alignment provides a vital role in your safe motoring, plus helps to maximise the life of your tyres, improve road handling and your car's fuel economy.


Don’t suffer with uneven tyre wear, handling or fuel consumption problems, when a when a quick and easy Wheel Alignment could save you £’s! All our Wheel Alignment tests come with a before and after print out analysis, showing exactly any alignment issues and how they are rectified.

Wheel Alignment Benefits:

Save on Tyre wear

Improve Handling

Increase Fuel Economy

Safer Driving

Signs of vehicle misalignment

Uneven tyre wear on the front and rear tyres.


Vehicle pulls to the left or right whilst driving

or under braking.


A crooked steering wheel position, even when

driving straight.

If your vehicle suffers with any of the problems listed, then a quick and easy

Wheel Alignment test could fix it? Call us on 020 8551 0033

When to check your alignment

Every 12,000 - 15,000 miles or once a year.


New tyres are fitted.


If you have hit a kerb or a large pothole.


Steering or suspension parts are replaced.

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